Edible Woodland Garden in Lake Forest Park

Our clients wanted to grow food, to feed and nourish birds & pollinators, and to be as sustainable as possible with their water use. Our favorite kind of project!!

We removed some old, rotting raised beds, and relocated the vegetable garden to a sunnier space where we installed four small beds of western juniper. We espaliered a quince and an Asian pear along the fence. Throughout the garden are edible berries: native huckleberry, evergreen huckleberry, blueberries, and woodland strawberries. Birds take their share of the berries, and there are also many flowering plants for bees.

We installed a flagstone landing at the front door entry, a cedar-chip path lined with edging blocks, and a beautiful flagstone patio in the back garden.

We installed a rain barrel and a large rainwater cistern, as well as a microspray irrigation system on a timer. Our clients can decide, if they are home during a hot week, to turn off the automatic system and water the garden with their saved rainwater.

Our clients have grown tons of food from their tiny raised beds, even enough to donate to food banks! We love to see the pleasure they take in the garden. They use it to the fullest!

Photos by Homeport Photography and Ian McCutcheon.